This advanced Y-DNA class will allow you to know your Y-DNA details and how it affects your genealogy.  Y-DNA STR and SNP testing is the process of getting your Y-Chromosome results for comparing them with other testers.  This Y-DNA test offers males a clear path from you to a known or likely direct paternal ancestor(s).  The course will also show how to dive deep into the history and geography of your paternal ancestors.

This self-paced 3-week course will show you how to find other people who shared an ancestor on your (or another relative’s) paternal line.  It will introduce you to the results and tools that allow you to analyze your Y-DNA.


  • A Y-DNA STR test from FamilyTree DNA (Y-37, Y-67, Y-111 or Big Y)
  • Completion of the Y-DNA Basics class or some experience using DNA will help
  • An Internet connection
  • A spreadsheet application (optional)
  • Patience and determination
  • Your gracious donation, which will help us develop new and improved tools. Every penny of class fees go toward the cost of hosting, storage and development.  All class instructors are volunteers. 

Recommended for:

  • Genealogists wanting to confirm a paternal line
  • Families wanting to prove or disprove relationships
  • Experts looking for History & Geography of ancestors

DNAAdoption Team

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