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Registration and Payment

All students have the ability to self-register on our site. Payment for classes is accepted during the enrollment process. As always, we have a financial hardship policy. We want all students to be able to better understand their results. If you cannot afford our classes but need to learn more, please contact us at DNAAdoptionhelp@gmail.com.

If you have already taken a class through DNAAdoption and Moodle, you will use the same username/password. If you have not taken a class previously, you will need to create a profile. You will be prompted for payment through PayPal after choosing your preferred class. Please Note: For any class that says it is not available or full, please select the next subsequent class.

Additional Information

Current schedule of classes: Schedule

 For more FAQs, please view our FAQ pdf below.

  • FAQ About Lessons

The format of our classes is online. A new Lesson is opened once each week, usually on Friday during a course. Work at your own pace. Course material is available for about a month after the end of the course.

Links and Email

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This link will take you to our class list. http://moodle.dnaadoption.org/course/index.php

To login or register go to http://moodle.dnaadoption.org/login/index.php

If you register with this site you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy. Also you approve any information you may store here and approve the use of it in the classes.  All information will remain confidential and not shared with any outside sources.  You have the right to request deletion of your account and all information if you wish.

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